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Subscribing to Duoflag has been a game-changer in my life. The referrals and advice I got were essential on my journey to land a tech job in Sydney, Australia.

— Fernando Belchior, originally from Brazil.

I'm impressed! After talking to Beto and doing small adjusts on the way I approached companies overseas, I started receiving replies. It's a work in progress and the support I receive every week is definitely worth the service.

— Pranav Khan, originally from India.

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Hi! I'm Beto. I was born in Brazil and live in Sydney - Australia, a country I love and that helped me improve my life at least 10x.

Before that, I lived and worked in Brazil, Chile, the US and the UK.

When I was 21 and living in Brazil, I obtained a sponsorship visa to work for an Australian company in Perth, Western Australia, where I lived for almost three years. Then right before I turned 30 I decided I wanted to move back to Australia. Again, I got sponsorship offers to work and live in different cities in Australia and ended-up choosing Sydney.

I've been helping other people to move to Australia for the past five years, and that's the reason I created Duoflag.

I'm also one of the most viewed writers on Quora for the topics around “Immigration to Australia”. You can find some of my answers below:

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