A quick idea on how to move to Chile

I'm sure a lot of you haven't considered Chile yet as a potential destination country.

When thinking about migrating to another country in pursuit of a better life, it's rare to have South America coming to mind.

But Chile is a pleasant surprise!

Chile is a developed country. It is also the only country in Latin America that is generally recognized as a developed country. In 2010, the country made the historic step of joining the OECD. Chile's economic and quality of life metrics, such as its per capita gross domestic product (GDP), infant mortality rate, life expectancy, and human development index (HDI) are sufficient for most economists to classify the country as developed.

The outlook for Chile is exceedingly bright; this is based on the remarkable improvements the country has made in its economy and quality of life in a short period of time.

Sources: Investopedia and Pexels

Cool. But what's the plan?

I was lucky to live in Santiago, Chile, for almost a year. I highly recommend it as a great place to live and work.

The Government of Chile runs a program called Start-up Chile, where they support people from all over the world to move there to start a project.

They will actually pay you up to USD 80,000 if they like your idea. In return, you need to move to Chile for at least the duration of the program (~6 months) where you also get business mentorship and help with everything you need to settle in the country.

If you enjoy the experience, you have everything lined-up to extend your stay and can then consider permanent residency.

The application process is online; you can check the types of programs they offer here.

I was part of the 2013 cohort and I would be more than happy to review your application if you're interested in submitting one. I'm also open to answer any questions you might have.


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