Startups willing to sponsor your visa

In most countries, if you can get a job offer in certain occupations, you will automatically get a temporary work visa. Most of the times, this visa can later be extended to a permanent one.

So your challenge is to find these companies. I will list below some startups that are willing to sponsor your visa to help you get started.

When I was in my early twenties, I sent hundreds of e-mails to Australian companies, while living in Maranhão (Brazil), one of the least developed places in the world. I only needed one “yes”, so I kept trying until I finally got it.

After working in Australia for three years, I went back to Brazil. I had a sponsorship visa, so I lost it once I quit my Australian job to go back to Maranhão.

After several years, I decided It was time to move back to Australia. I started e-mailing companies and did it again, I got a job, and a visa sponsorship and the interviews were all online.

The best advice I can give is: Be unique, proactive and persistent.

For me, here are some things that worked:

  • Sharp online presence (Linkedin and personal website).

  • Being casual (No “Dear sir”, just regular emails like talking to a friend).

  • Not just applying via job ads. Emailing companies directly.

  • Side-Projects.

  • Using Up-and-coming hiring platforms (as of 2019: Angel List, Stack Overflow, Slack groups, Facebook groups…)

The secret is to keep iterating and improving all the points above with every “NO” you receive. Be optimist! Again, you only need one “YES”.


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